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In this information-technology age, why not take your business on the internet!! whether you are a small business owner or a client service-provider, we work with you to make fully functional websites with excellent look and feel.

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We have three category of products: Profile, Blogging, and E-Commerce site. Our goal is to increase traffic to your business with a customized solution catered to your needs.

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We are a team of creative and affordable solutions provider. We help you grow your business online by providing critical internet insights, making a high-quality website, and integrating Facebook/Twitter to your website. Our clients are mostly small business owners (pharmacy, restaurants and grocery stores) and service providers (doctors, lawyers, CPAs). Reach us at or (347)-652-5501 and we would like to discuss with you about YOUR website.

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Council on Pakistani Relations


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We are a creative team of young designers and web developers focused on providing the best product for you.